Check Ups

We believe prevention is better than a cure that’s why we normally do a check and clean together so we can check as we clean around each tooth carefully. We take photos and xrays to show you if theres any concerns. We recommend for most patients a 6 months check and clean- and if you have private health cover it may cover most or all of it.


Our cleans carefully remove any plaque and tartar and stains that have built up over time to ensure the teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible- and leave you feeling fresh and healthy smile. Our cleans are careful and thorough yet gentle to mimimise any sensitivity


We know tooth pain can be unpleasant so we try and prioritise emergency appointments and aim to see you as quickly as possible to get you feeling better.  Please call us on 93595685 immediately

X rays

We will periodically take xrays to check for cavities and issues in areas we can’t see from just an examination like inside fillings, in between teeth or under the gums. Our xrays are all digital and therefore low dose radiation and can be seen almost instantly. We also have a state of the art OPG machine that can take a full jaw xray and check for wisdom teeth


We mostly use bonding with white coloured fillings to give a durable and natural looking restoration. We make them strong and last as long as possible by careful design and execution and cleaning the tooth surfaces carefully prior

Fissure sealants

Are a thin white coating that we paint over teeth when they have deep grooves to help prevent tooth decay from developing. They are quick and easy to apply and aim to prevent the need for fillings down the track


Are custom fitted to your teeth to ensure maximum protection. An impression is taken and is normally ready in a few days. A wide selection of colours is available


Are a thin layer of either resin or porcelain that is bonded over the front tooth surfaces to improve your smile- they are natural looking and improve the appearance and alignment of teeth


We offer a take home whitening which whitens effectively while minimising possible sensitivity issues. A thin custom made tray is made and the whitening gel is applied within to gradually lighten and give a lasting result. It is proven safe and effective and doesn’t damage any enamel.


We normally will work in conjunction with a specialist orthodontist to make sure you achieve the best possible smile


Implants are the best and most natural replacement for the teeth. Often we work alongside a specialist who places the implant- after it has healed then we take an impression for the laboratory to design and construct the crown. Once placed it acts and chews just like your own tooth.

Root canals

When the tooth is causing pain where the nerve is inflamed or infected, a root canal is done to eliminate symptoms and allow you to keep the tooth.

On the first visit the nerve is cleaned and a sedative dressing is placed, and then over a few visits the nerve tissue is fully cleaned and sealed.

The tooth is normally fully numbed and it is quicker and easier than most people expect.

In some cases a crown is required to protect and seal the tooth afterwards

Where possible we try and do this to save the tooth rather than permanently removing it as generally keeping your own tooth is stronger for function.


We aim to avoid removing teeth as much as possible as this can cause issues with gaps and drifting over time, and then needing a replacement tooth in future.

However in cases when the tooth is too badly infected or broken then we will extract. We ensure that the tooth is numbed and you are comfortable.

In some cases where the roots are difficult and possibly complex then a referral to an oral surgeon is required.

Wisdom teeth

At times the wisdom teeth can be cause pain and discomfort

We will try and eliminate any pain and can take a jaw xray to check their development and check if they’re impacted. If appropriate we arrange to have an extraction or a referral to an oral surgeon.